Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Gift Certificates Now Available at ICON Automotive Detailing In Boiling Spring Lakes, NC

ICON is now offering gift certificates. Call 910-889-4697 to purchase one.  What a better gift, but to pamper your car.
  Ask about the  $100 Exterior Car Wash available.
• Full lather of a ph neutral car wash shampoo with the use of a low-pressure foam cannon.
• Car will be washed with a microfiber wash mitt
• Rinsed and then air and towel dried.
• The undercarriage of your car will be rinsed with a power washer
• Application protectant will be applied to your car – will last up to 3 months
• Door jams wiped out
• Windows will be cleaned inside and out
• Tires will be dressed
• This is an exterior wash not a full detail, but offers much more that a wash and dry
• Stay while your car is being pampered
• All for $100 for that special someone in your life

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